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Fueling Growth of the Energy Industry Since 1862

Essential Insurance Coverage for the Oil and Gas Industry

Learn more about Chancellor Insurance Agency, Inc. in Parkersburg, WV. Thirty-year-old Edmund Pendleton Chancellor founded Chancellor’s Fire Insurance of Parkersburg over 150 years ago. Local residents had an abundance of staples such as sugar, flour, coffee, and tea. However, Parkersburg residents were unable to secure essential fire insurance coverage to protect hard earned Parkersburg businesses from unrecoverable devastation.

The year was 1862. Chancellor’s Fire Insurance business was the first company in the little Ohio River Village of Parkersburg to offer this invaluable coverage for residents. There was limited progress beforehand due to the proliferation of fires that led to the unfortunate and nearly continual destruction of countless homes and businesses. Chancellor’s Fire Insurance was instrumental in fueling the initial growth and prosperity of Parkersburg. Eventually, the Chancellor name came to become synonymous with being the dedicated protector and preferred insurance agency representing the oil and gas energy industry.

We are located deep within the heart of the oil and gas industry. Chancellor Insurance Agency, Inc. is dedicated to serving the needs of all oil and gas industry-related businesses. We have done so since the energy market was first developed in West Virginia and Southeastern Ohio.

Jim Shriver Passes On His Legacy

Jim Shriver became owner of Chancellor Insurance Agency, Inc. in 1982. Jim spent the entirety of his career focusing on providing solid, reliable insurance protection for the hard-earned assets of operators, manufacturers, transportation agents, and other specialists within the oil and gas industry. His experience, expertise, and dedication were unsurpassed. Retiring in 2019, he has passed this legacy on to his son, Joe.

Reliable Oil and Gas Insurance From Specialist Joe Shriver

Joe Shriver currently presides over the 150+ year legacy of West Virginia’s oldest stock insurance agency. He joined the agency in 2005 and purchased the agency from his father in 2019. Joe specializes in workers’ compensation and the oil and gas industry. He is a dedicated insurance agent with extensive knowledge and experience in both of these areas. Choose reliability and a proven track record for successful protection against perils of all types.

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Exceptional Customer Service From Stefanie Hyett

Stefanie Hyett, Customer Service Specialist, has been providing exceptional customer support to our valued commercial clients since joining Chancellor Insurance Agency, Inc. in 2012. She is available to help you with all of your questions and concerns regarding specific aspects of your insurance. She works to ensure that you feel comfortable with your coverage.

Chancellor Insurance Agency, Inc. also employs additional personal insurance lines business personnel dedicated to meeting the insurance needs of all of our valued customers.

Dedicated Oil and Gas Insurance for West Virginia, Ohio and Pennsylvania

Our primary service areas include all of West Virginia, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. In addition to our dedicated oil and gas insurance department, we are licensed to serve the comprehensive insurance needs of all of our private and commercial clients throughout our main service area. We also can serve those in our secondary service areas: Michigan, Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, New York, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia.

Chancellor Insurance Agency, Inc. is here to protect your interests and safeguard your assets. We offer an extensive range of insurance products to ensure the security of your oil and gas business. Contact us to learn more about our insurance products and services. The best protection for your commercial operation is just a phone call away: (304) 422-3563.

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